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    Ride Plate

    I have worked on my ride plate, fine tuning the surface, I have the stock one on it now. What have you guys seen when replacing the stock ride plate and what is the best bang for the buck. I also want to be able to untilize the reverse bucket on the back as some seem to not have the brackets to use the reverse bucket. I understand some have an add on piece to bolt the reverse bucket to the ride plate. What do you guys think is the best with the ability to use the reverse bucket ? I really like my reverse bucket and I want to keep it,....
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    I'm not an expert.. but the experts will need to know which machine it is Guessing a 15F?

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    Baldguy50, Only R & D makes a plate for your ski. You can buy from GreenHulk. He will give you a nice deal, give him a call. You have to buy reverse brackets to bolt on. Your looking at a 2-3 MPH increase in top speed with improved handling and turning. Besides AirFilter,and Prop this is a most do I think and shows greatest improvement.

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    Yep is a 06 STX 15F, Sorry, I am getting older, CRS you know...

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