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    Carb. Jetting Help

    i need help about a good setting for jets and needle & seats for a Gp1200r

    if any of yours have a good setting please send me info.

    engine setting
    80 mm sleeve
    Trued & welded crankshaft
    catalitic removal d plate
    Riva power valves
    low jets 110
    high jets 135
    needle and seats 1.5

    in the carbs this is the last setting and i broke the engine in the first start

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    What spring are you using with the needle and seat?

    common settings for GPR carbs are

    110 pilot
    120 main
    1.5 N&S
    95 gram dull silver spring

    if you go to the how to section there is a post on manuals and you can get the mikuni manual there.

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    Since we don't know anything about your ski or it's mods, it's hard to say. But I can't image you ever needing 135 main jets.

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    I agree, the 135 main is too large for a 1200. My 1200 is lowell ported and I'm using 115/130. Most 1200's use a 120 or 125 mainjet.

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    whit the 135 look like you idrolock the engine '' lol ''
    i use 155 and 160 but only on race skis

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