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    They will look up you vin or hin and add it. I didn't get any paperwork yet, but you should. Yamaha is good with keeping track of that stuff.
    I just bought a svho today. I forget exact amount you paid for that additional 2 years so I just told the dealership that it was 380 LOL. Dealership tried to scare me and said I can only buy at the place where I buy my jetski. I told them no, I won't buy it. He finally just slapped on $420 for that 2 extra years. If I had remember you paid $320, I could just save the difference. Oh well.

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    I was hoping to extend the warranty on my 2015, but since it is on the YES warranty and not original don't think I can. (bummer)

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    I got a 17 gp with 1 year standard and 2 years extended total of 3 , so how many years extended could I add ? is it just 2 years or can you add more?

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    1 year warranty about to be up on my 18 gp in may about to look into extended warranty.
    Thinking of calling the shop where i bought it or calling yamaha direct to see the difference.

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    @wreckm yea that would probably be your best bet ,try calling the place where you bought it see if they have info hopefully they dont try and sell you some bs. Ride on brother

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    just purchased the 4 yr YES warranty from Brandon @ Pro Motorsports in WI based on this thread. $599 vs $1075!

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