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    Almost sank my rxp today!

    I had the pump off to replace the prop boot today. After I install the pump back on I went out to the lake. I rode for about 30 minutes and notice my rpms and speed drop. My ski had no balls. Max speed around 50 mph and rpms around 6000. I thought it had to be the sc clutch. I just got a 05 clutch upgrade from ppg a few months ago. I had to ride like this for several miles until I got back to the dock. After I loaded the ski up and took the seat off there was about 4-6 inches of water inside the hull. I bet the water was coming in from the drive shaft main bearing seal. Do you think it could of been out of place or does it need to be replaced?
    I even took the air intake hose off the sc and it was wet inside. I dont think water can cause the clutch to go bad in the sc unless it had to turn harder.

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    You need to find out where the water got in at first.
    Did you fix the bailer tube issue? (extra zip tie or clamps on the bailers)
    Check your spark plugs for signs of water and the oil, if water is in the engine, you have to change the oil if contaminated and run the motor to dry it out.

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    nitro rxp, check the carbon ring to see if it is inline and pressing against the ss ring. If any thing puts pressure on the hose that holds the carbon ring it will wear uneven and cause a big leak. Make sure other hoses or air intake is not putting pressure on it.


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    Got my ski back from the dealer today. He told me that nothing was wrong. The dealer even took the ski out to the lake. I took it out today. No leaks and my rpm was normal also. The only thing I did was take the pump off to check the bearing seal in the drive shaft and put the pump back on before I took it to the dealer. Maybe I fixed the problem without knowing about it.

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    Instead of sinking my ski today, my truck could of sunk in the water instead. I drive off road to unload my ski so I can keep my truck and trailer near the shore and to avoid the busy docks. It is a steep incline unloading in the water so you must have 4 wheel drive. My 4 wheel drive kick out for some reason when I was pulling my ski out of the water. I kept on sliding backwards in the water with no 4 wheel drive. I finally found somebody to help pull my truck and ski out of the water. That sucks when you really need 4 wheel drive and dont have it. Now I got to find what the problem with this now. This just sucks since my ski is ok now. Maybe my 4 wheel will work when I take it in to get looked at just like my ski.

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