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    2 - 4 mph speculation

    Wondering about the latest on the GPR platform? Me too ... my take for what its worth is that it is not plate or tabs related. Based on what has been said so far and also some other recent posts, I think the mod involves the intake area, either the grate or the intake tunnel itself. My guess? Intake tunnel modification (material added in the top and/or front of the tunnel) or intake grate change(s) to block water to the top of the tunnel and reduce overstuffing the pump. From what has been said it is not engine related and related instead to the underside of the ski, and IMO the ride plate and tabs have been experimented with intensely ... but not the tunnel or intake grate. In that area, what works on the GPR might also benefit the RXP since the tunnels are similar in size and shape.

    Any others care to speculate?

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    pump stuffer insert.... for superjet only

    Pump Stuffer
    The R&D pump stuffer changes the pump cavity shape to increase water velocity and pump efficiency. The R&D stuffer completely occupies the area from the original pump cavity surface to the new redesigned surface. This design eliminates air on the backside of the stuffer which will cause cavitation. The top speed of the SuperJet will increase up to 2 mph.

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    I think it has to do with building the keel up in front of the pump tunnel and/or partially closing off the intake area, more than likely in the front of the pump tunnel where it meets the keel.

    I have been contemplating trying this on the RXP for quite a while now, but just haven't had the balls to do it.

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    yo sucka's, stay off the yami side

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUCKMYWAKE View Post
    yo sucka's, stay off the yami side
    Ya, what he said!

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    Hi speed jet boats are comming back big in VA i have ben talking to some of the ones that have some 120-140 MPH boats there is a lot to be gained in the intake and grate as soon as it worms up this spring i will be doing some testing.

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