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    Joe Kenney Seriously Injured - How we can help!

    CONTACT: RIVA Racing, Mike Hodges (954) 785-4820, ext 330
    January 17, 2007

    Top Professional Free Rider Joe Kenney Seriously Injured – While out with friends on the night of Sunday, January 15th an unidentified man assaulted Joe without provocation at a local establishment. The surprise attack from behind resulted in Joe being knocked unconscious, causing him to fall to the ground striking his head. He was taken to a local hospital where he is listed in serious, but stable condition. Joe has a several severe head injuries and is unable to communicate as of yet. Doctor’s have not given a long-term prognosis, but Joe has shown some signs of improvement.
    Local police were not able to apprehend the assailant, but are working on leads. Joe’s attacker is described as a tall, college-age white male with shoulder length black hair. If you or anyone you know has any information please contact Crime Stoppers at 805-549-STOP (7867).

    To aid Joe with the medical care and treatment he is currently receiving and will require in the future we have set up an Injury Assistance Fund. Joe has done a tremendous amount to positively promote his sport for many, many years. Please help us get Joe back on his ski doing what he loves so much. Donations can be made to:

    Donate by paypal:

    Your generosity and kind thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    For more information about Joe Kenney please visit
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    Oh Man !!

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    damn that sucks - hope he recovers

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    Hey guys,

    I apologize for being remiss in not posting here with more info for you - things have been pretty crazy this last week. I've dumped some info on a couple of sites and spent the rest of the time either traveling to the central coast to see Joe, or hanging out in ICU waiting for some positive changes....

    Thanks so much for posting the Pay Pal info - we're getting some amazing support from riders here in the US, as well as from many forgien countries. Makes me want to cry as it's so touching. Please accept my personal thanks for anything any of you can do; I know it will mean the world to Joe.

    So here's the last two updates I've posted...a little long, but I hope it will help you understand Joe's situation a little better....

    Saturday afternoon - 1/20/07
    Hello all,

    I'm in Pismo now and just got back from ICU in San Luis. Our boy is doing well, but is screwed up - it's like a very bad case of amnesia...the lights are on, somone's home (he seems pretty normal), but he doesn't seem to have any short term memory at all.

    He is finally remembering his girlfriend's name, and knows where he is, where he lives, where he grew up, and his family member's names. When I went in, he smiled at me like he recognized me, and when I asked him if he knew who I was, it was obvious he was just tossing names out to try and make something stick. Then again, he hasn't recognized Heather Selwitz either (a VERY long term friend)...You can see the frustration on his face, and the wheels turning in his head, so he's really trying hard to remember stuff. Part of the time he that's good - I think it will come back to him, but it's going to take some time.

    I was somewhat happy when I told him "JoJo, I'm Lisa, but you call me LiLi.....sometimes I bake you brownies" to which he replied "NICE!" with a big grin, thumbs up and that twinkle in his eye we all know and love Joe for. I asked him if he wanted a warm Red Bull and Vokda..and he said "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! That sounds good!" LOL!

    He's exceptionally tired, but the doctor's have told us to keep him stimulated as much as possible during the daylight hours. This is supposed to help arouse his memory as well as get him back on a normal sleep cycle (he's currently up all night, sleeping all day).

    The good news is they are supposed to move him out of ICU today to a semi-private room with round-the-clock supervision (he's at high risk for falls as he's still really unstable on his feet). So more of his friends will be able to visit. I still wouldn't call him at this time as I doubt he'd know who anyone is on the phone, but things are beginning to look up.

    It's still too early to tell what his long term prognosis is, and at this time, Joe's confused when you ask him about jet skis (he was rather impressed with the SkatTrak poster of himself at the end of his bed....said "Wow - I must be pretty good!") but he looks terrific, and is making big gains daily.

    I'm headed back in about an hour to visit him with Taylor Curtis, his girl, Heather Selwitz, Joe's girlfriend Alix, and a few other friends (if they'll let us all in) and then we're going to brainstorm over dinner for a couple of fundraisers to assist Joe further with his medical expences.

    Please set aside the weekend of February 3rd for a casual freeride in Joe's honor here in Pismo Beach. Taylor Curtis and I will be contacting Joe's sponsor's, and varius vendors for donations - we'd like to have a big BBQ & raffle with all proceeds going to Joe's medical care fund.

    Also, I'm going to put Evan Kilkus on the spot and see if we can do another larger scale fund raiser at the sanctioned Pismo race the last weekend in April - Joe's going to need all the help he can get. Perhaps I can even get Mike Follmer to let us do something at the Mark Hahn for Joe too???

    Anyway, I'll let you guys know how things are going - just please keep Joe in your thoughts and prayers....


    Saturday Night - 1/20/07

    Just returned from another visit - Joe's FINALLY out of ICU and resting comfortably in a new shared room with 24 hour bedside nurse (no...she was not "chase worthy"...LOL!). Joe's mom and Step Dad arrived and were spending some quality time with him today (turns out Joe's mom lives about 20 minutes from me in Loomis, CA - what a small world)

    He's still super tired, and I'm sure the morphine they're giving him isn't helping to pep him up, but he does seem to be making more progress - still has a horrific headache though. I'll see him at least once more tomorrow before heading back to Sacramento - and I was sure to let him know of all the emails and posts to threads like this one....which was funny because he has no clue who he is in the world of watercraft/freeride....he's pretty blown away by the nice posts and inquiries from all over the world we're getting.

    I'll print these threads out and take them over for him tomorrow, so please feel free to leave a note here for him and I'll make sure he gets it.

    Thanks again everyone,

    Sunday Morning, 1/21/07

    It's 7:12 a.m. and I've been up for a couple of hours....walked down to the beach, had a little conversation with God about Joe (yes, believe it or not, I am a religious person, albeit probably not a very good example) and am baking him some brownies (his favorite) for delivery later this morning. I sure hope he's sitting up and able to enjoy them when I get there today.

    Keep the faith gang,

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    Lisa, thank you very much for the update. Please keep us posted.

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    How are things going? You can and will find Strength in St john Neuman ... I would like to send him a lil something can u email me the addy where he is ..

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    I thought that you guys might want a link to a this site. They'll have continous updates on how Joe is doing and a guestbook to sign.
    Let JK Know

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    Ill be there

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    Glad to see he is pulling through and taking a good approach to rehab. Just had a friend here at work pass away last week in ICU from the very same act that Joe was victim to.

    My blessings,


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