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    Ultra 150 TLC

    Hey guys newbie to the site! i just picked up an 01 ultra 150 and it had been in water for several summers so the hull is very dull and a little beat up. Also the top is pretty dull and could use a good buff job. I've been searching countless times looking for buffing tips and how tos and it seems like theres a million different ways/products to get her lookin' like new again so I started my own thread to see if I could get some more specific methods. All info is much appreciated! thanks!
    heres a few pics to show you what I mean
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    Welcome aboard, Kansas Kid!

    Great 'Ski, you'll love it!

    To clean hard water spots, Ducky wins my vote.

    For cleaning & polishing, go here: http://www.milleniummarineproducts.c...HOT-SAUCE.html

    There are some things to know, and some things to check on an Ultra 150:

    The oil lines get brittle with age, replace them with polyurethane hose and secure with stainless steel safety wire. Make sure you get all the air bled out before you run it. If unsure, run pre-mixed fuel for the next tank. You cannot (practically) convert your engine to pre-mix, so ignore the idiots that will tell you to do so. The oil pumps never fail, but the hoses fall off. Also, carefully inspect the cable that goes to the oil pump. I'd bet money it's frayed.

    Look into doing the triple pisser mod. This allows you to monitor the water flow through all 3 heads. I'd also suggest an inlet water strainer.

    Plan to do a top overhaul every 150-200 hours. Jet pumps typically need to be overhauled about every 100 hours. Make sure you get the kit with 3 seals.

    The rubber plug on the back of the electronic display gets old and will leak. If you flip the 'Ski, you'll get water in it and ruin it ($$$$). Take it out and seal the back with 3M 5200.

    The original handling leaves a lot to be desired. You'll see big improvements if you modify the trim to get more UP. Also, consider a Shredmaster ride plate and perhaps changing sponsons.

    Don't even think about installing aftermarket flame arrestors unless you change the carbs. The stock carbs will not function right with low restriction flame arrestors.

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    Will that hot sause work for the bottom of the hull, taking off all that yellow scum? Also how much would a kawasaki dealer put a new top end in for, or sould I take it to my local mechanic ( he knows quite a bit about skis). And with my ski having 173 hours is there any other problems I should look out for?

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    I don't know if Hot Sauce will clean scum off the bottom of the hull. You might contact Chris Fair, the guy that owns Millenium Products and get his advice.

    At 173 hours, I would definitely do a top pretty soon. I don't know who you should take it to, but make absolutely certain that they use Kawasaki parts, NOT aftermarket crap. The Ultra is a different animal, make sure you get a service manual for it, too.

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    Okay I'll look into it. should I just replace the gaskets and seals or go ahead and get new pistons and and the cylinders ported and polished? and is there a certain place to get polyethylene oil hoses or just go to and auto parts store?

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    You can get polyurethane hose locally, or Island Racing has it.

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    I just used some Meguiar's One Step Marine compound on my Ultra with an electric polisher and it worked very well. Mine was chalky/hazy and looks much better now. It is expensive ($28 for 32oz) I found it at Bass Pro Shop locally. Saw it later at West Marine and it was about $10 more.

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