Dont know if anyone has seen these before but i was checking my pump out and found it needed a new bearing. So i called the dealer and priced out new bearing, seals and o-rings. I also checked the online OE store from here. Well i found a WSM rebuild kit on WSM has been around forever and i use to use the pistons they made to do stock rebuild on my dirtbike all the time. Well anyways the parts through the online store or dealer were well over 100.00 bucks. This kit cost me 63.00 from amazon with free shipping. It includes a new bearing, seals, and all orings needed. Here is a link to a WSM's site so you guys can check out everything they offer which is a crap load. Also here is the link to amazons page offering the kit for 06 RXP and RXT's WSM's site says it fits 05-08 RXP and RXT.

Just wanted to post on here about it to see if anyone else new about them and if they didnt share the info with everyone.