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    MSX 150 New Factory Motor

    I purchased a 2004 MSX 150 that had a $6000.00 Factory motor installed 6 years ago. It was under warrenty and I purchased it recently. It came from a Xdealer who know to be honest in every way. He claims it had about 6 hours run and test time. After I bought it I found out that this was the last of Polaris's water craft and this unit did them in. I took it out for the first time wondering what I had gotten myself into. My first run I assume I am still in break in mode so I never held her wide open and varied RPMs. I was impressed so far. No Known issues. Rode great and had good accelleration. Any Break-In suggestions? I will be changing oil after a tank of 93 octain gas has been run through it. Is Mobil 1 ok 15w 50. My other local dealer says "SELL IT BEFORE IT BITES YOU IN THE BUD". Should I? I love it so far. It seems solid.

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    Welcome to the Hulk. The MSX 150 or for the fact,no 1 model did them in. What did them in was that PWC's as a whole was declining in sales,economy was slowing down and Polaris was investing a Boatload of money into the NEW VICTORY Motorcycle venture, So they pulled the plug on the watercraft line.

    The MSX line and hull design still to this day is as modern looking and has the riding comfort of any ski out there. The Weber engine in that ski has been used and is still being used in alot of applications.

    With that said,there are some caveats in proper maintenance to the ski and motor. Spend some time reading this section of the forum for what to do and not do with the motor. Some of our Experts that own them will chime in with advice also. http://polarispwcknowledge.shorturl....10-and-msx-150

    And this link will be alot of Help if you EXPLORE the LINKS on the page Closely (and firefox works the best for viewing.)

    And we love to see pictures.

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    Found my first problem with my 2004 MSX 150. After running for 10 miniutes it gave an over heating light. I went in and examined motor. Nothing was boiling and appeared to be cool enough. I unplugged what seemed to be a heat sensor right behind the waist gate sylinoid and took her out again. Did the same thing. Must not be fresh water side. Do these have thermostats? Help

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    Yes, there is a thermostat. Looking from behind the ski, the thermostat is located left and forward of the coolant expansion tank, basically directly under the fuel pressure regulator. It is not the easiest thing to access, but you can get to it by moving the oil tank and removing the coolant expansion tank. It is behind a metal 90 degree elbow that points toward the bottom of the ski. The elbow is held in place by a snap ring. Blue arrow points to the general area.
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    temperture reading with lazer around head 150-167. around exhaust 115

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    Curious indeed. It could be the engine coolant temperature sensor (red arrow points to it). Beyond this sensor and the one in the exhaust manifold, has the wiring been inspected to ensure good connection? When the light comes on after running for 10 minutes, does the ski also limit rpm?
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    Yes it goes to limit rpms. I unhooked exhaust side and it still blinks.

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