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    Purchased a 2005 Yamaha Waverunner VX110 Sport yesterday

    I got a killer deal on the ski from a neighbor and decided it would be a great "starter" ski until moving up to something larger and fast (although this thing seems fairly quick to me). Took it out on the lake yesterday and rode for about 6 hours with zero issues. The motor has almost 800 hours on it which seems like a ton but for the price I decided to give it a shot.

    My question is about the sport versus deluxe model. Not having reverse on my sport doesn't seem like a huge deal but I could see it coming in handy during certain situations. Is it possible or even feasible to add it in myself? I see on the plastic where the handle would be. How difficult is something like is?

    Also are there any other pointers anyone can give me in taking care of an engine with higher hours? The guy just had it serviced last week with an oil change, spark plugs and a battery.

    Thanks for any info, look forward to learning a lot!

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    I copied and saved this from another site for a friend who was trying to add reverse to his Sport:

    I've received various PM's concerning fitting reverse to a VX110.

    Firstly, you can do this to all VX110's. They are all the same no matter the year.

    It's very simply. Yes, you will need a drill but all the points to be drilled are marked on the hull already. One point for the reverse cable, to come through the hull, is a 2-3 inch slot so if you don't have a dremel you can drill a series of holes and then file it out. A hand operated rivet gun & basic metric tool kit will be required also.

    1. Order all the Deluxe model parts. (List below)
    2. Remove the front storage bin partition & seat.
    3. Place a small plastic bag over the air box intake.
    4. Disconnect the throttle cable from the TPS unit.
    5. Disconnect the steering cable & Stop/Start connectors from the wiring loom
    6. Remove the steering system. One bolt & nut at the base of the steering. Once you've removed it the whole column will slide out.
    7. Remove the large plastic shroud. There are 8 bolts to remove to do this. 2 are inside the body of the hull.
    8. Now you will see on the fiberglass body of the hull, approx where the reverse lever should be, some raised circles. They need to be drilled out to the size of the circle.
    9. Remove the blanking grommet that goes through the rear of the hull. (The easiest way is to disconnect the exhaust hose on top of the plastic exhaust sound suppression box and move the box away to access the nut using some multi-grips).
    10. Feed the reverse cable through the hole. Make sure the reverse cable has a rubber washer on the outside of the hull. Do not over tighten the nut otherwise you will ruin the washer & water can enter the hull.
    11. Re-attach the exhaust.
    12. Feed the cable through the slot you've made. Fit all hardware.
    13. Remove the plastic bag from the air intake.
    14. Replace the shroud. Put some Three Bond on the bolts. Secure it & fit the reverse handle.
    15. Put some grease around the steering column bushes (it will remove the play that the earlier models develop). Replace the steering column. Reconnect the steering cable first. Connect the throttle cable & Start/Stop wiring.
    16. Replace the partition.
    17. Assemble the reverse bucket & attach. (Do not forget the spring otherwise the bucket continues to drop down while you're riding it).

    I think I've covered everything.
    It will take you about 2 hours to install.

    Parts for 2005-2009 models:
    1x 6D3-R1314-00-00 GATE, REVERSE
    2x 90119-089UF-00 BOLT, WITH WASHER
    2x 90387-08M30-00 COLLAR
    1x 90119-069UX-00 BOLT, WITH WASHER
    1x 90387-06M30-00 COLLAR
    2x 90201-06801-00 WASHER, PLATE
    2x 9538R-06600-00 NUT
    1x 6D3-52358-00-00 SPRING, RETAINER
    2x 90201-06801-00 WASHER, PLATE
    1x EU0-U1461-02-00 STUD, JOINT BALL
    1x F1K-U826C-01-00 BRACKET
    3x 90267-489U6-00 RIVET, BLIND
    1x F1K-U134A-00-00 REMOCON. LEVER ***
    2x 9572R-08300-00 NUT SELF-LOCKING
    1x F1K-U2714-02-00 GRIP,HAND
    1x F1K-U1336-00-00 DAMPER, STOPPER
    1x 90151-05802-00 SCREW, COUNTERSUNK
    1x F1K-6149C-00-00 CABLE,REVERSE
    1x F1K-U1467-11-00 BRACKET,STOPPER CA
    2x 90119-06858-00 BOLT, WITH WASHER
    1x F1K-U146G-00-00 PACKING, CABLE
    1x F1K-U1316-01-00 PLATE, STOPPER

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