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    Cylinders Flooded with Fuel

    Hey everyone. I am having a problem with my 2004 Seadoo RXP. I recently de-winterized it to find that the engine would not turn over. Thinking it was a problem with the battery and knowing I needed to replace it anyways, I put a new fully charged battery in. Still no dice on turning over (one weak attempt to turn and then lots of clicking every time). After troubleshooting the starter relay and fuses to no avail I decided to pull the spark plugs. The engine turned over without them and the cylinders squirted out a lot of fuel. Let the cylinders air out, put my spare set of plug in and tried to start it again. It turned over a couple times then returned to its weak turn and clicking. Pulled the plugs again, squirted out gas(1st cylinder had the most, 3rd the least) and turned over just fine without them in. Tried another time, same deal.

    No mods, 90% of the gas is a week old 91 octane with the other 10% from before winter but had stabilizer in it, good battery, good starter relay. Questionable starter but seems to work conditionally. It was winterized in a below freezing area but had antifreeze ran through it and storage oil. Second identical ski with same treatment runs fine.

    Is there a simple solution that I overlooked here? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Your injectors are bad,had the same problem.
    Take the fuelrail out,put the lanyard on and watch your injectors,the bad ones will spray fuel.
    Replace the bad injectors and your fine.

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    change your oil!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    change your oil!
    in the wrong hands a fire waiting to happen!!!!

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