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    Easiest way to replace those plastic steering and reverse nuts.

    This si how I did my 2006 RXP...took about 20 minutes total.

    1. Made a tool from 15/16 socket and PVC pipe, see pictures.
    2. Remove retaining screws one side at a time.
    3. Slipped tool over plastic nuts after scooting the rubber sleeves down...see pictures.
    4. Removed nuts with tool and then replace with new aluminum nuts, retighten.
    5. Reattach everything then slip rubber sleeves back into place.
    6. Disassemble tool and put socket back in set, put PVC pipe in storage, have peace of mind.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is how I did mine, if anyone has a better way please share. If you don't feel you can do it, then don't do it.

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    Did it in a similar way.....very easy!

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    How tight are the nuts?

    Do you apply anything to the threads of the new nuts? or dry?

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    The nuts are not tight at all, I put Isoflex grease, marine grease will do, on the rubber grommets which are in front of the nuts, the nuts push up against these. I also put it on the shaft surface before pushing the rubber boots (sleeves) back into position, they were tight coming off but slid back very easily with the grease in place.

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    I put thread sealant tape on the threads of mine when I installed them for what it's worth

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    I installed mine today without anything on the threads as the OEM ones didn't have any coating. I used the same idea and tool but since I didn't have any safety wire I used a hose clamp and cut the excess out of the worm gear off. It worked great. Also, I didn't know what size PVC the OP used but I used a piece of 1". I cut four slits in my pipe and than used a heat gun to heat the PVC up and than put the socket inside of it.

    The 'passenger side' was a little bit more difficult as real estate is at a premium over there. The 'drivers side' was a breeze! Unfortunately I broke a bolt loosening it as it was pretty corroded which is pretty surprising to me with only 70 hours and pretty much meticulous care and detailing.

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