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    Help please.Compression problem 205psi and 210 psi 587 sp 1989 engine

    I have a sp 1989 engine for my 1991 xp.I have the tuned pipe and dual carb fitting.with them on i get 205 and 210 psi pers cyl,i took the engine off and removed exaust + carb.And i still get the same psi.A engine need to be arround 150 and 160.What i can do to fix it?i bought this from ebay and i dont know what to do.

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    Was the engine FOGGED before you got it?

    I know if it has a nice coating of oil, it will spike your results.

    Run it for a bit if possible to burn some of the oil out.

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    The engine was running for 2hours last weeks and still the same compresion.I want to run it before summer.The engine run great.But that too much compresion and it will probably blow up if i run it like this.

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    Does it have a stock head? Try a different gauge, that is most likely the problem.

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    Im with Dean on this one...I think that your gauge is way off or you have some off the wall high comp head. if the compression was that high you should be running race gas

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    Ditto on the bad guage...

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    Not an expert but it is the gauges. If it was that high and you ran it for 2 hours on regular gas oretty sure it would not be good.

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