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    What are you guys towing with? Specifically doubles, with and without brakes

    So I just picked up a second ski recently and also picked up a new double trailer. When looking around I could not find any trailers for a reasonable price that had brakes (under $3000-3500).

    I ended up picking up a Load Rite WV2200 w/ 12" Radials & Tongue Jack and Spare for a decent deal. Apparently they just recently upgraded from the 10" Non-Radials this year or something, so I was happy to find that they now have radials.

    Couple of questions I had for everyone here:

    1) What are you guys towing your trailers with? What type of vehicles?
    2) Are you having any issues without brakes w/ double trailers?
    3) Does anyone make brakes that would fit a trailer w/ 12" or 13" rims/tires combo? Most of the one's I've seen that make disc brakes are for 15" rims/tires. I was thinking to upgrade the axle at some point in the future if I can find a brake kit that would fit. Anyone have any experience here?

    I'll start the show off with pics of my truck w/ trailer attached. I have not loaded up my 2 ski's (2002 Yamaha FX140 & 2005 Yamaha FX Cruiser) yet, but I'm guessing I'll be around 2000-2100lbs fully loaded w/ margin for error.

    Tow Vehicle:
    2010 VW Tiguan

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    I have a Triton double with either 08 RXPX/RXTX or 12 RXPX. For long hauls I use a 2008 Toyota 4runner. Never had any problems with not having brakes.

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    I am with Troyheb on this. On a double trailer loaded with skis I have not found the need to have brakes.
    I would not pull a 4 place trailer unless it had brakes however.

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    Most of the time as long as you are under 3000 pounds you aren't required to have brakes. Just make sure the tow vehicle is capable of handling those loads which I'm sure your's will be fine. I have a double trailer with my rxp and sometimes another ski usually a friends yamaha, I tow with my tacoma or tundra.

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    3 skis on a 2 place trailer pulling with a Crew Cab Dadge. No trailer brakes 1 GPRXP 1 GP1300r and 1 Superjet No issues

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    I use a 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander no breaks for a single RXP, as long you are lower than towing capacity and no abuse you should be fine. No Breaks needed for Jetskies

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    Update: Looks like I got lucky with my WV2200 Trailer. My axle has the tabs for brakes, I'm going to put a set of 8" disc brakes on the trailer. This should work well and help with the wear/tear on my trucks brakes.

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    in dire need gpr800 Triton lxt with.a Subaru wrx......

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    you might want to check this site and get some help

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    Why? Brakes on a double trailer is a waste of money. My buddy tows a double trailer with a Lexus IS350 and doesn't notice having to change brakes any earlier nor having any issues stopping.

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