Since there does not seem to be a reliable source for quality marine fuel lines I thought I might try something out of the box a little. I have access to high quality 200 psi nylon fuel line. Since it is used in Automotive applications I am sure it is not USCG certified. However, it is about as flexible as rubber and I have not seen one failure in automotive applications. The lines are exposed to all elements and very high heat from engine compartments and exhaust systems. Again I have never seen a failure. They don't leak,they don't become brittle they essentially last a lifetime. Since the nylon does not flex like rubber it may require a special tool (similar to calk gun) to press the nylon on fittings then you seal it with a special 360 degree crimp type fuel line clamp and it is a permanent repair or replacement.

I have used this nylon fuel line in other applications with success for years now. I am not an engineer however I would guess that this would far exceed the specs for marine rubber fuel line as nylon is a superior product. Don't quote me but I approximate the cost at $2/ft which would be less than marine line.

If I take a run at installing it I will photograph and post updates unless you guys talk me out of this.