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    Sudden drain of power 2000 XL 1200

    First of all, I havenít been on here for a while...sold the Polaris, and hadnít needed all the advise on the Yamaha', but now Iím in need of a little expert advice. I have my 1200 for the second season now with no problems and last weekend we were out playing all day, and then suddenly, the ski died...completely dead at the switches...towed it back with the trusty XL 700 to the beach, swap the batteryís and the ski fires right up.. So now Iím like "dead battery" cool...easy enough. So I go out for an ops check, she runs good for about 2 minutes under full throttle, then all the sudden she dies on the stator stopped working and the battery wasnít enough to sustain the ski..Again...dead in the I get out the trusty paddle, start paddling and for S$%ts and giggles, I hit the starter button, and she reluctantly starts..Drove it to the ramp which was close thankfully. A few days go by, I get the skis home. I break out the meter, and use the "good" battery from the 700 to start the 1200, she starts fine, meter her running at the battery and she is reading 13.1V running and 12V not running. That would indicate to me that the stator is working properly.

    AM I not getting enough volts from the stator on the 1200? 13.1? Is there anything else to check? I checked the grounds and they seem to be good to go. Nothing loose there. No fuses blown...Why would the ski "drain" the battery other than a bad stator?

    Thanks again for any advise in advance. I usually can save lots of money by the collective knowledge on this site!!


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    The regulator could be breaking down. check the plug for corrosion also run the ski on the hose or in the water for a wile then recheck the voltage. these alternators aren't too bad about going out unless you are getting water in it causing it to rust and corrode.

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    Thanks.. I will definitly check that out. I can't see anything else that would be the problem.

    Anybody know what the correct voltage should be at idle or revs?

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