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    Can a LCD gauge from a 2000 xlt be rewired to go into a 98 GP760?

    Wondering if anyone has ever put a gauge from a 2000 series ski (the green one) into a 97,98 GP760. They are shaped the same, but the 2000 version has more wires. Or does any one have a wiring diagram for these gauge sets. Thanks.

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    The 99 and up xl and xlt1200 gauges will not work they are for the pv motors. The 98 xl gauges which use the green face and run the 760 and 1200 engine will work for you.

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    I would get a copy of the manual for both models and check the wiring layout. Just because the newer ones control power valves does not automatically mean they don't do the other functions the same as the older years. I got an XLT gauge cluster for my GPR cause I like seeing the extra info like oil level and not just a low warning, plus I think its easier to read.

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