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    polaris ignition update

    i just received my polaris ignition update came with new stator, cdi, and coil. i started install tonight but have to finish tomm i have some left over wires in the box im wondering what colors go to 2 post on new coil and what one goes where, also have a light blue/grey wire left and one all black wire. does anyone know where these go or have diagram. thanks for any help

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    You should have 2 black with white stripe wires,they go to the coil,either position,it doesn't matter.

    Should have a grey wire (with a blade style terminal ) it's not used on most models,it would attach with the temp warning wires,for limp mode.

    Any solid black wires from the CDI or stator, are ground.

    There should be a solid black wire form the electrical box to the negative battery terminal. That should be left off or cut out. The electrical box will ground through the stator wires.

    If you have more questions-a picture or two will help.

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