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    Where to buy in MD/DC/VA? Double Place PWC Trailer Help!

    I recently picked up a second ski for my wife and family/friends to ride with me.

    Now I have a 2002 Yamaha FX140 and a 2005 Yamaha FX Cruiser. I've been searching Craigslist and eBay but lately the only trailers I have been finding are double place trailers that are older which only have a weight capacity of 1250-1500lbs which just isn't going to cut it for these new larger ski's.

    We are taking a trip this summer which is about 250 miles each way to Smith Mountain Lake in VA and will be trailering the ski's to the lake with us. I'm looking for a trailer that will handle the load of two fully loaded ski's and be able to make the trip without worry. Perhaps with radials/brakes?

    Does anyone have any suggestions of companies who make/sell trailers in the MD/DC/VA/PA area's? I'm willing to travel for the right trailer/features and price.

    All I've been able to find locally are the low end Load Rite dual trailers with no features or possible options, etc from Yamaha dealers for around $1300-1599. What prices am I looking at for something like I described above, or will the Load Rite's be fine for longer trips? Any possibility to add brakes on my own? Do the axles come with the tabs?

    Thanks for all the help.. Long time reader here. Looking forward to some fun this summer.

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    Just a followup for anyone interested. I actually ended up picking up a Load Rite WV2200 w/ 12" Radials, Tongue Jack & Spare Tire.. Gotta get used to pulling this wide thing on back roads.

    What do you guys pull your trailers with? Any issues with double trailers without brakes?

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