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    Water in engine compartment, noise near impeller

    Hello All,

    '99 Kawasaki 1100 STX. I noticed more than usual water in the engine compartment. Also I noticed noise (mettalic grinding)coming from the drive shaft and impeller area while the thing was idleing out of the water.

    It would seem like a bearing was out and the seal may have been beaten up by the shaft bearing being out, just my thoughts. Also I noticed there is some white epoxy on the hull near where the shaft goes thru, inside and out.


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    You're probably right. Leave it strapped to the trailer and back it into the water part way. Lift the seat and see if it leaks at the driveshaft seal.

    Pull the engine and replace the bearing, seal, and inspect the pump bearings while your at it.

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    yep leaking from the drive shaft.

    I am replacing the drive shaft holder assembly in my ’99 Kawa stx, a complete unit with new bearings and seals. I removed the engine to take the old one out.

    My questions are these, what type of sealing agent do you use to put between the holder and the bulk head? Should I use the OEM sealent?

    Next question is the manual says to install the holder but don’t tighten it until the engine is in. If I used a sealing agent it may start to cure by the time I install the engine. Why cant I install the holder and tighten it down then install the engine? I understand it needs to be lined up with the engine but there is nothing to adjust on the holder side, the engine can be adjusted to line up the drive shaft.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The holes in the bearing mount are larger than the screws, giving you room to move it around.

    Make sure the surfaces are clean, put a little grease on the shaft & seal, then put the bearing mount in and only tighten the screws a couple of turns. When you re-install the engine, put a shim under each mount. This way, if you ever have to lower the engine in the future, you can. Slide the engine back so the coupling halves engage. Tighten the engine mounting bolts. Remove the bearing mount screws, slide the bearing forward, then put some 3M 4200 sealant on it (do NOT use 5200!!!) and lightly tighten the bearing mount screws. Let it cure for a day, then tighten the bolts. This way, you don't squeeze all the sealant out.

    There is a company that sells aftermarket bearings that have a big rubber seal, but I don't remember who it is.

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