Attended my first Coast Guard Auxiliary meeting last night in Coronado.

The Flotilla Commander was THRILLED to have us (PWC's) joining his command.
He went to the Coast Guard warehouse last week and ordered all equipment that can be used on a PWC be displayed in front of him.
He saw a foul-weather full wetsuit (only face exposed), a regular full wetsuit with no hoodie, thermal gloves & boots, multiple PFD's (vests) from full-ocean survival vests to regular 100mph PFD's, all covered with a white vest with COAST GUARD AUXILIARY in LARGE letters, Coast Guard hard helmet and many more small items, all with Coast Guard Auxiliary signage, that can ALL be issued to us, by request, at no charge for our professional & private use.
Also has Coast Guard Auxiliary signage for our ski's.
This is going to be FUN.