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    2005 Wake 155 Hard to start when warm

    Hi everyone, Just bought myself a 2005 wake 155 about 2 weeks ago with 130 hrs on it, starts first go when cold every time but if you turn it off after its warm, even for a minute, it has to crank over quite a few times to start, sometimes it takes 4 goes to get it to fire up, If I leave for an hour it starts straight away again, no fault codes or weird beeps. Once I get it started it runs great. It has a new battery in it. Any ideas? I rang the guy I bought it off and he said it has always done that and it must be a sea-doo thing but to me it should'nt do it. Oh another thing is once I load it back on the trailer and its out of the water it starts straight away even though I just got back to the ramp and it would still be warm.

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    Hi Beemer - Don't want to highjack your thread but just say I have the same problem with my 04 GTX 155. Often when warm it takes alot of cranking to get it started. Does your starter stop cranking after a few seconds (like it's a feature to save the battery)? , then you have to press start again & go through this 3-4 times before it fires up? Once it starts it runs fine, and always starts right up when cold. It has done this since I bought in used 4 years ago!

    Regarding how yours starts easier after it on the trailer, out of the water - when the impellor is in the water the motor cranks over slower. If your battery in new/good, maybe we both have a weak spark issue, bad plug wires, ???

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    I would start at the starter or the battery. When it is cold you are starting it for the first time so your battery is charged from sitting. When it's warm your starter has to turn over the prop and the engine. (I am assuming you start it out of the water at the ramp). The added resistance from the water is just enough to rob the engine the spark to light up the spark plugs. Have the battery tested and then check your starter. Check your battery under a load at a battery outlet or a parts store.

    Report back on you findings.

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    Gary, that's exactly what mine does, Diamond, I am back at work now but as soon as I get a chance I will check the battery /starter.

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    The timing might possibly be advanced, this will cause the symptoms that you describe.

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    Dirty fuel injectors will also cause hard starting, especially in the water. On land, the motor spins much faster, helping get more fuel in ... on the water it will spin over slower and dirty fuel injectors will be more obvious too. Definitely check your battery over, but a 2005 with 130 hours has sat a lot, and very likely has had old/bad gas in it, and may have gummed up the injectors too. I would pull the injectors and clean them or have them cleaned.

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    Does it click while you hold the start button down before the motor turns?

    Could be starter solenoid.

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    2003 gtx 4 tec here with 146 hours..same problem when it sits more than 15-20 can shut it off and it'll fire right back up in under a couple minutes perfectly...but longer that 10-15 it turns over slow and floods itself..any ideas?

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    hi guys ive got a 2008 rxp 155 doing this aswell, went out this morning started first go, speed as normally if not a touch slow.
    after a 15 min run i turn the engine off, and then 5 mins later i couldnt start it. solenoid is brand new, battery was tested a few weeks ago. and charged the night before.

    i left it sit for 20mins, and it started on the fourth try.

    starter motor was replaced 3 months ago to try and fix this issue.
    im thinking maybe rectifier or something with timing, if anyone has any advice, for myself and the others with this issue it seems we all need it

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