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Thread: 78.3 today

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    78.3 today

    Was hitting the limiter in the cooler weather with a 14/18.5. Put on a 14/19.5 and had time to take it out today. 62 degree water and 59 degree air. The ski is a beast at these temps. Ran 78.3 on top in 8-10" chop @ 8350 rpm. Even with goggles had so much water in my eyes I could barley see. Had to look twice at the gps when I slowed down. Prevoius best was 76.1. Accelleration is ridiculous and immediate. In smooth water I'm sure I'll see 79 before the end of the season. If the ski would run like this in the hot weather I would be extremely happy.[/code]

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    That is awsome. Cooler temps definately wakes these things up.

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