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    The most frequent failurs on the VTS system?

    Hi all.

    The upcoming weekend I will take a look at my defect VTS system.

    The PWC is a Seadoo GSX RFI 2000

    Where is the most frequent defect on the VTS so I know where to look for defects?


    Nicolaj - Denmark

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    The worm drive clamp on the boot cuts into the boot and fills the vts box with water. Use the updated plastic clamp. Also, there is a Nissan power window motor which is a direct replacement for the Seadoo unit.

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    Water ingestation has been my most frequent issue. Not sure on your model but there is a rubber boot that the VTS rod passes through that usually cracks and and leaks and lets water into the VTS housing. They will survive for a while with water in them but eventually will fail.

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    X3 trim rod expandable rubber boot. Bad news!
    Clamp tears boot.

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