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    03 MSX 140 Skipping at WOT

    Hey guys,
    I have an 03 MSX 140 that has a "skip" at wide open throttle. Checked the compression, it's 120 psi in all 3 cylinders. The temp light was coming on but i have replaced the sensor with a 1k ohm resistor and it is no longer coming on. I am waiting for a new temp sensor. Replace the thermostat as well. Pretty sure its not overheating. The ski runs great, tacs at about 7000 rpm and has plenty of power. The only problem right now is that as i am going along with it at full throttle it will skip for maybe a second and then be back to full power again. It does this fairly consistantly every 15 seconds or so, cold or hot. I have also swapped out the coils from a ski that runs fine. The check engine light does not come on. Any help / thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have since swapped out the ECU with a good running ski, still have the same problem. Any suggestions? Injectors, capacitor, crank sensor???

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    I have a friend who had the same ski that did the same thing, except when it was very hot outside & the lake water temp was also high, turned out the ski was running so strong otherwise that it was bumping the rev limiter, which was solved by putting a slightly higher pitched prop in it. There is a variance in were the rev limiters are set, they are all close but not exact, If memory is correct it was suppose to be 7200 on this ski, try running it at 6900 or 6800 if possible, by just backing of the throttle slightly & see if the problem remains.

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    Thanks RLACEMAN. Gave it a try but it didn't work, was so hoping it would. The skipping seems to start around 6300 RPM although it was hard to tell.
    Anyone else have any thoughts?? I'm going to swap out the capacitor next, see if that helps.

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    Has the TPS been replaced?

    Try a known good or brand new TPS.

    Also check TPS connector pins for cleanliness and good contact. No dielectric grease on those pins.

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    It was an injector. We swapped injectors from my 140 to see if was the problem and it stopped skipping.

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