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    2002 virage will not start

    2002 Virage TXi no start

    Time to consult a higher power! I have been working on my ski on and off for the past 3 months and I fear I have exhausted my skills.

    I have a 2002 virage TXi with approximately 115 hours on it. Initially I had diagnosed the patient with a faulty fuel pressure regulator, there was absolutely no fuel pressure. At that time the compression was approx 135 in all cylinders and I had good spark on all plugs. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and now have 30psi while cranking. However, the ski still would not start. The spark plugs were wet and the engine just backfired.

    I re-checked the spark using an inline spark tester and it appeared that I had a weak spark. I pulled a spark plug and tried to ground it to several clean placed on the engine so I could visualize the spark, but I didnít get any, in fact i blew an ignition coil trying this.

    I replaced this ignition coil and checked the rest, all were within spec.

    Since then I have:

    -new spark plugs (PZFR6H, good gaps)

    -replaced battery(12.8 volts, drops to 11 when cranking)

    -crank speed is approx 500rpm on the MFI

    -cleaned all the grounds

    -stator is within specs (all leads are outside limits to ground)
    pin 1-12 = 0.2 ohms
    pin 2-11 = 0.3 ohms
    pin 3-10 = 0.2 ohms
    pin 4-9 = 0.3 ohms
    pin 5-8 = 0.3 ohms

    cranking voltage
    pin 1-12 = 7.6v
    pin 2-11 = 7.5v
    pin 3-10 = 5.1v
    pin 4-9 = 5.0v
    pin 5-8 = 5.1v

    -lanyard connection and start/stop switch are within spec

    -unplugged TPS, still didnít start, computer gave me code 12 (TPS circuit malfunction)

    -CPS is within spec, there was a small amount of metal bits on the sensor. I ended up pulling the engine and the flywheel. Its one of the old 6 magnet flywheels, all magnets appear to be in place and none have shifted. There were some big chunks on the CPS sensor, and iím not sure where they came from, there is some wear on the flywheel teeth, but not enough to cause those big chips. The stator has no damage.

    -air and water temp sensor all within spec

    -Flywheel key appears good, all cylinders have the 3 ribs at TDC

    -Reeds are in good shape

    -MFI wakes up and fuel pressure is 30psi while cranking

    -ECU codes: 12 (TPS circuit malfunction, probably from when i unplugged the TPS to try to start it), 17 (low altinator voltage, iím pretty sure I drained the battery, so I charged it and havenít seen this code again) I cleared these codes and there is currently no ďcheck engineĒ when i crank it

    -I did bypass the LR503 and it still didnít start

    -Reset all circuit breakers, and checked all fuses

    -all the EMM harnesses are attached securely

    -Had 20 volts on all injectors while cranking

    -Iím thinking while I have the engine out I will replace the flywheel with a 12 magnet version and maybe have the stator rewound. Iím running out of ideas, and am starting to entertain the idea that the EMM may be bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If the ski is backfiring its likely the EMM. I would send it in to DFI and let them check it.

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    yeah thats what i was afraid of, figured the capacitor may be shorting out.....thanks for the feedback

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