Actually three questions... First I have the grey fuel lines as you can see. I want to check to see if the screens are clogged up or not. Both my other skis were clean when I had their carbs rebuilt and they had the grey lines so I'm comfortable using the screen cleanliness as an indicator if I need to dig further into the carbs. According to the guy they were rebuilt last spring.

This is the front of the mag carb. The plate I'm pretty sure is for the fuel pump. If I take this off I should be able to gain access to the screen for the mag carb right?
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Second, I have an oil leak and i determined it's from the oil pump. I'm hoping it's just the line loose.

These are the lines running from my oil pump to under the carbs where they inject. Notice the bubbles. I'll do further checking when I get home but I believe it may just be the oil in line from the tank is loose and leaking, would that cause this?
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Third, when I bought it the rubber exhaust coupler between stinger and waterbox was delaminated and blown out. I was told this can be caused by overheating or the exhaust due to not enough water going throught it.
These three are paics of what I took out of my water regulator. Does this piece look okay or should it not be like this?
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