I have a 1994 Polaris 750slt that we have had since 1995. It has been running great until this spring when we brought it out of storage.
The ski starts and runs but it it wont rev up past 1500rpm. When I give it gas it just pushes out more oil and white smoke. Everything was working great last fall when it was winterized. The ski was winterized and the filters were replaced correctly along with new spark plugs (correct gap). Now there is a great deal of white smoke and oil coming out of the back and the ski won't rev up past 1500-2000 rmp. The carbs have never been adjusted from their stock settings. I disconnected the oil pump and ran 50:1 pre mixed gas for 1/2 gallon (straight into the fuel line after the seperator). Then I replaced the oil pump and got the same result after running it for an hour. If the previous oil pump went bad, how long will it need to run to flush the system of the excess oil from the bad pump (pumping too much oil into the engine)? The engine will run at idle (poorly) until I shut it down. Please help! Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome. I have a dealer service manual and I suspect that the valves from the oil pump might be stuck open (which could be a cheap fix). Again, Please help. I'm happy to correspond via e-mail. I took a video of it running this evening. I love this ski and want to nurse it back to health. It starts (the hard part).