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    BN -40I carb rebuilt questions.

    I'd the PTO side first and replaced all the parts I took out.

    Move over to pump carb, and I rebuild most of it, till I realize that the "filter" are of PTO side only had two replaceable parts.
    The filter itself and the odd shaped rubber gasket.

    Should it not have some sort of other piece like the "pump" side?

    I'm thinking the other one had a flimsy rubber mat, called diagram according to my sea-doo shop manual.
    It does not give exploded view of PTO carb

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    Quote Originally Posted by airbornexp View Post
    Thanks for the link.
    That is the same diagram i have, how ever if you look at the part number (52), then match it up down below, it says "-" for the PTO side.

    So i guess that would be a no.

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    just a countoured o-ring I believe and of course the fuel filter.

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