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    951cc boging and dieing

    I justg bought a gsx limited with a new 951cc black motor in it. I have ran it only 4 hours and it start to bog and wouldn't go over 30mph. Check the plugs and replaced them and still didn't fix the problem. Need help and advice. The person I bought it from told me to mix 72 to 1 for the gas mixture. Can that be the problem?

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    How did the old sparks look? Brown, Red or white? That can tell much of what's happening inside. The typical questions are fisrt wich year is it. Does it still has the gray fuel lines. The engine is new but how about the carbs? Check the fuel valve and if you have a compression gauge check it also . That will be IMO your point for starts.

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    72:1? Ummmm...youre motor is trash. The correct premix for a 951 is 40:1

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    Wow 72:1???? wrench is right that motor is trashed. Bet you have melted the pistons and did some damage.

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    jwolf if i was you id be breaking some knees

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    Something that happen to me was the pick up tubs on the top of the fuel tank came loose and was sucking air making the ski bog down. Also + 1 on the oil being off. 72:1 Good luck. I hope you dint trash it.

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    72:1?! is that in addition to the factory oil pump being on there? You add 1 liter to the first tank for break in, but mixing 72:1 means you have no lube in that engine, and it will be a paper weight in no time.

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