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    97 Wave Venture 760 Display Issues

    New to the forum and relatively new to jet skis. I purchased a Wave Venture 760 which fires up and runs incredibly well, however, the digital display is not functioning correctly. It appears to be flickering as I can see something, but it is barely visible an what is seen does not make sense. Though maybe the vent tube needed to be attached to something or perhaps there is a reset somewhere? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    Would like to fix before I put my little girl on it.

    Thanks much.

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    The displays on all skis are finicky and break at some point. Check the fuse and make sure it's getting power but there is a good chance the LCD is done. It's safe to run without it, you just have to pop the hood every once and a while to check the fuel/oil levels. Either find a new display or live without it as I don't think they are repairable. And beware, if you do replace it, a lot of times the fuel senders, speedos, etc don't work anyways and you may have to replace them as well as they quite often don't work on older skis.

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    87r - thanks much for the response. I will check the fuses and connections this week.

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