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    2001 Yamaha SUV ?Sinking?

    Took out a couple SUVs this weekend on Lake Livingston in some of the largest waves I have experienced on the lake. The SUVs handle so damn smooth on 5+' waves. We had the time of our lives jumping them in those big pigs.

    Anyway, I had my buddy check to make sure my pisser was working and he could not spot the water stream. Leaned over the side and felt for it while accellerating and there was nothing (normal op has quite a stout stream coming out of it). I pulled the seat off and wham...water in the hull. I only had about 4" or so so I flew a mile back to the launch and threw it up on the trailer to get it on dry land. The first target area that I will look for will be the pisser. Maybe it busted off inside the hull or has a significant crack (no water coming out) and flooded the inside? Any other suggested/known areas on these SUVs for leaks like this?

    The other 01 that I have ran like a top. It did load up a bit after idling for 30 seconds or so but was quite peppy after that. I have not pulled the carbs off or checked to see if the last owner has the high/low needle settings right so I know I will at least check that before putting any more time on it. We stopped in for some beers and burgers for a bit at a local watering hole (Bubbas on the Lake) and about an hour or so later I looked in the hull to find about 3" of water sitting there. I rode it for about a mile and a half and the stock bilge pump pulled all of the water out of the hull. There were no signs of incoming water while floating still so it must be a very slow leak. I have been under the ski for recent detailing and did not see any suspect cracks or gouges so any other ideas on where slow leaks tend to develop on these? Have some input from birdgod already (thanks!).

    Little ride vid from the weekend:
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    check the big rubber coupler on the pipe, usually where that pisser exits from the couple they tend to crack at the base

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    Will do! Thanks.

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