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    Help tracking down an oil leak

    I have an oil leak in my 2005 RXT. Just finised pulling the engine tonight. I cannot see any obvious leaks, other than I think 1 of the 30MM plugs has a leak to I will reseal that. However, I think that I have another leak somewhere and it seems to be more aggressive while running. SInce I cannot run the engine out of the ski, how do you recommend finding the leak? Can I pressurize the crankcase? If so, can someone please explain the process?


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    wash the botom of it and leave it hanging overnight and see if there are any leaks. these motors are hard to find leaks, around the front oil pump housing oring have had them leak there and found loose screws on the oil pump itself when removed

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    Did you check around the PTO bearing?

    This has been the area of most oil leaks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pandan9 View Post
    Did you check around the PTO bearing?

    This has been the area of most oil leaks!
    It does not appear to be leaking, but it may be when it is running. What is the fix? Replace the bearing, replace the rubber boot? I may just fix it proactively, one less thing to woory about.

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    It does usually leak when it's running......and it's a lot of oil.

    You may have to change the 2 rubber seals. To do this, you will have take off the Drive shaft. You don't have to remove the engine.

    Here are some links to help here.

    I removed the engine and changed the bearing and rubber boot, it is all one piece. I could have just changed the seals.

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    +1 make sure to get the rubber bushing at the end of the driveshaft pto side.

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    Your oil leak could be from the PTO seal itself; not sealing around the pto, or from the 3 seals. 1 seal is in the pto coupler, and 2 o rings in the pto bearing.



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    Listen to 1tommygunner1927!

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    i also had a leak last friday and mine was at the crankshaft sensor

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    I had a leak that only appeared when the engine was running (the oil was in the bilge around the super charger. Turned out to be the PTO rubber boot wasn't secured, following a tip on Greenhulk I put I fine line of silicone around the outside of the bearing before putting the boot back on. Now doesn't leak anymore.

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