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Thread: 2001 stx di emm

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    2001 stx di emm

    hi everyone my first ski needs a computer were is the best place to look for a used one,and how many different maps did they put in them thanks

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    You really cant just buy a used computer and put it in, unless you get one with matching injectors. Have you sent yours off to DFI to have it checked and repaired? That is usually the best way to go as long as it can be repaired because they also update some of the other known problems in the computers.

    Each injector from the factory had a different flow rate. The flow rate for each injector has to be programmed into the computer so it can cycle the injector the right amount of time for the correct fuel mixture. If you were to just buy a used computer you could end up with overly lean or rich cylinders. If you have access to a mechanic with the computer tools, they may be able to pull your injector information out of your old computer and reinstall it another. But again, it may be more beneficial in the long run to send yours off for repair.

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    i bought this ski as a project and it did not come with a ecu .I thought i could buy a used one and just have the dealer reprogram it to mach the injectors.thanks for responding

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    all so if someone has a ecu i can use as a core i might be interested in that also

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    Here is one on ebay, but for the looks in the picture and the asking price, I would pay for a new one before buying a problem.

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    New ones are listed for $972 on

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    better chk your fuel pump also, its in the tank, sit to long they go south.

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    If the pump does turn out to be bad, dont spend the $400 for the factory one. Replaced mine for something like $90 from autozone. As I recall the 95 Suzuki Samuria uses virtually the exact same pump and the fuel sock is even the same. You have to trim the little rubber bottom seat a little, but it works just fine.

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    The DFI does not and can't program an EMM to match the injector flowrate w/o having the orignial EMM. They can only copy the injector flowrate data from the original to a new one.
    You took some formidable project but it's doable with proper tools and knowledge. The first thing is to obtain the special program that DFI uses to program EMM. BTW, there is only one main mapping in EMM but you can adjust +/- 5% f/a.

    The fuel pump is easy to check to see whether good or bad. Just remove the connector and apply 12 VDC directly. See if you get anything out.

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