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    2000 Polaris Genesis

    I just bought a used Polaris Genesis that came with no operating manual. Unfortunately it is controlled by a security dashboard. Does anyone know how I can get a manual that tells me all about the dash. We hooked up the battery and the dashboard stays on when we turn the ski off. I would figure this would run down the battery, but am not sure. I think it would be something simple like looking the ski, but I dont know. Can anyone please help me!!??

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    Welcome Here you go start reading!

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    You are so awesome thank you!!!!!! just put the reading glasses on

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    The MFD will display certian items at all times, it will never go completly out. Cheers.

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    mine always showed the clock when off, sometimes for months between starts. Its just a LCD display, its not backlit or anything. Think about how long a watch lasts on a tiny little battery.

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