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    mixture setting for 96 polaris slt 700

    Can anyone tell me how to properly adjust the 2 mixture setting screws to the proper specs. It is a 1996 polaris slt 700. Don't know if this will make a difference but it has been bored out, do not know what to.

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    I assume you are looking for the carburetor low and high speed screw settings? It looks like you should have two Keihin 38mm CDKII's w/accelerator pump. The stock settings are: High 1 5/8 - 1 3/4 turn and low 5/8 turn. Your idle should also be 12-1300 rpm. The proper way to tune is by reading what is called piston wash. With a small LED flex light you can see the top of the pistons with the spark plugs removed. If it were me, I'd probably start with the high jet at 2 turns out and work from there. It's better to be on the rich side if anything.

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