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    polishing exhaust ports?

    Since I have the head and exhaust off my ski now I've been noticing the exhaust ports in the cylinders are very rough.
    What kind of gains are to be had by gasket matching and polishing the ports? I know this helps 4 strokes (I've done it several times) but 2 strokes often seem to react totaly different than I would expect.
    If there are gains to be had should I only do the exhaust side or should I do the intake side as well? I know some think the rough cast turbulance is good for A/F mixture on the intake side but I dont know.

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    I have never ported a ski, but I used to race mx with atv's. When I would port a 250R cylinder, I would make the exhaust completely smooth. The intake on the other hand, would get ported, but I would leave it just slightly rough, so as to cause a slight turbulance when the fuel/air hit it.

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    The exhaust port is polished to slow down/discourage the build up of carbon which then reduces the size of the port, reduce flow and can impact port timing if the carbon build up is close to the exhaust port.

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    The build up of carbon in an exhaust port would take far longer than the engine would ever last. Polishing just the ex.port will most likely make no difference and just be a waste of time. There are mods that will make a difference but not polishing the ex. port only. Make sure the valves are clean and open fully.

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    Remove any rough stuff and port match the cylinders to the exhaust.
    Exhaust will work more efficiently with less obstructions.
    Smooth finish is best.

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    Another exhaust mod that used to popular was extrude honing the entire system same philosophy as polishing the ports (removing casting flaws) less build-up and more efficient flow.

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