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    MSX 150 Stuck in Limp Mode

    2004 Polaris MSX 150 Turbo

    Boat died while on the lake and temp icon showed in dashboard display. It would not accellerate over 3 mph. I live in Round Rock, Tx and no repair shops would even consider looking at it. I later found the last dealer who serviced it and they agreed to take a look. 5 months later they said the computer on the ski would not properly communicate with their software, thus they could not repair it. I continued to check state wide and everyone said the boat was "dead" and could not be repaired due to Polairis being out of the pwc game.

    Prior threads mentioned temp sensors and turbo sensors were replaced which corrected limp mode issues. One pic of the turbo sensor was provided. I dont know where the temp sensors are. Can anyone post pics of these? Also are map sensors and temp sensors the same thing? I did find two sensors on the opposite side of the turbo, thinking theses were map sensors. Also, how do i know if the sensors are bad? Remember, my local repair choices will not accept my ski for repair, thus im having to do this myself and know nothing about pwc repair.

    I only took this thing out twice and now have a ski that looks great but considered useless. Any suggestions? Im basically told to buy something else.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Ray from Tx.

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    hi there,dont give up,
    if your car breaks down u dont take it to the scrap yard,
    we have all over come probs on our msx*s but things can be repaired,
    theres more whizz kids on this forum than me,ive pulled the engine on mine and got her up and running,
    mine had the same prob as yours due to a turbo temp sender being faulty,thus knocking it into limp mode,flashing temp icon,,
    i disconnected it and bingo she was up and revving!!!
    ask these guys on the msx forum,
    spannerspence,kosh,weber guy,
    these guys have helped me,
    dont listen to the monkey brains at the pwc garage,
    have you serviced yours recent???
    how many hours as it clocked,
    dont give up pal,everyone on ere will help you,,
    cheers simmy

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    Thank you for the response. Can you tell me where the turbo sensor is located? Also, did you just disconnect yours and that seemed to fix your issue or did you replace your turbo sensor? Any pics of where it's located would help. Thanks again.

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    no worries,i dont have the ski at home so carnt take any pics,
    the turbo temp sender is to the left of the actuator,above the oil filter,
    very easy to see,its got a single wire bullet female connector,,
    i was on holiday when i overheated my ski whilst running on trailor,
    so it melted the sensor knocking the ski into limp mode,
    so i just disconnected it and she was all sorted for the rest of the holiday,
    i purchased a new one from randy at weberpower in the states,
    its worth a try mate,
    go on to my profile page on here and look at my friends,these are the guys who have always helped me,

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