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    wait time @ impros repair?

    Just wondering who if anyone ever has any issues with having work preformed at impros?
    Sent a impeller in 2 weeks ago and was told (wednesday)5 days after they recieved it (prev friday)it would be shipped out 2 days later (friday) so including the weekend thats 7 days they had it . That sounds ok. Well here it 7 more days and still havnt recieved it
    I called 2 days ago and left messages yesterday i called and spoke with a guy and he put me on hold for 27:26!!!! And i called back 9 times after that with no answer. Today ive called 11 times so far and still no answer. Whats there deal and where can i send a prop next time to have it custom sized and pitched then finished and balanced?

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    Impros is worth the wait... this is their busy season. Be patient... youll get it

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    Just seeing this post makes my blood boil. They regularly over promise and under deliver. Jake will lie to get a sale and Dave the owner is borderline cocky and could care less.

    I've waited over two weeks after being told it would take only a few days for a simple re-pitch. Been told a new prop would include a free tune that was not honored. Asked for a prop that would lower RPM’s by 200 but was sold one that lowered it 400. Was significantly over charged on a prop. Prop was also sold as new but had a poor finish quality that the manufacture is not known for; looked used. Three out of four times I've done business with them I regretted it; never again.

    I just talked to a friend today who had a similar issue where he bought a prop new that looked used. Everyone I have talked to says to not expect a quick turnaround unless you regularly call. Customer service sucks period.
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    impros gets pretty busy at times but their work is top shelf without doubt.

    as the other poster said, its worth the wait.

    its about 2 weeks turn around normally with them doing work for me and sending it back to australia.

    hope this helps.

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    They are always fast on shipping out products, I've bought several wear rings from them and have them in a few days

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    Ive used them no less than five times. Every time they were way late on delivery.

    Also I once sent them an absolutely flawless prop with a mirrored leading edge and they returned a prop with a " blasted" finish and two knicks on the leading edge.

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    I will never use them again. I sent them an octane pump to repair. They sent it back 3 weeks late and it looked like a complete novice repaired it. Was almost worse then I sent it!

    Don't waste your time or money!

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    top shelf work? hardly!

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    Impros is worth the wait , regardless if they get a little cranky at times...they have fixed props I was certain needed to go in the metal barrell.......imho

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    I don't care if you have product in the world if your customer support sucks you will not get repeat business well unless you like the abuse in Wich case don't complain about it. If its gonna be 1 day or 1 month just say that.

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