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    waveblaster hiccuping / falling on face

    So I took my 95 blaster with the single carb 701 engine out today and off the gate i noticed a little fumbling when punching it from idle and occasionally after a long idle or right after a start up if i dont feather the throttel it would just stall under load. Once it was up and running it ran fantastically and ripped up and down the lake and would launch out of the water on command from idle, again, except for after ideling or turning it off. Later, when we were cruising along at probly 3/4 to 7/8 throttel it was holding fine for a solid 5 to 8 minutes until it started to bog and slow down, I let off down to a quarter throttel wich it held fine, and after a minute of slow riding I punched the gas again and it held wide open perfectly fine for another minute or 2 until choking again. It would do this until i let off for a little and then would come back to life. Im guessing its fuel related but not sure what exactly.

    Also, on a side note the mag cylinder constantly runs leaner then the pto cylinder, and neither cylinders are effected by richening of the carburator, and the plugs come out the exact same color no matter if i run it at 1.5 turns out or 2.5 turns out on eith the high or low needle, wich is throwing me a curve ball as well.

    The only things that have been recently changed is the oil injection was removed and the fuel lines were replaced, asides from that the engine is 100% stock.

    Any thoughts?


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    hey mate did you find out was was wrong? my blaster has been doing a similar thing, actually allot worse than you described. I noticed that the circular diaphram in the carby had a very small hole in it which was possibly leaking fuel out.

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