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    should i get a new crank?..

    Hello Hulk,

    So im tearing down my 2002 gp1200r for a little TLC. replacing all gaskets, cleaning hull, checking all seals, and converting to premix via the oil block off kit. i got the crank case out yesterday and tore it apart today for inspection and cleaning. im using Oside Bill's thread here for all of my go to info.

    I cleaned up both sealing surfaces of the housing and have inspected the crankshaft itself. it hasnt posed any problems for me so far (ski has 180 hrs on it) and the connecting rods have no play in them. bearings seam smooth and do not bind at all. bearings do not wiggle at all. very solid overall.

    So do I NEED to rebuild this thing? get a new one?

    New flywheel? (existing one seems to be in perfect condition)

    also, with the oil block off kit. Do i need to do anything to the carbs other than cap off the oil lines? cajundudes website has not been working for a while now so i dont know about removing the oil tank and dealing with the computer warning sensors

    Thanks in advance

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    The oil tank is moulded to fit a spot on top of the gas tank, and the tank hold down strap goes over both. The easiest way is to drain the oil tank, cap the outlet on the bottom, then pull the level floats out. Tye wrap the floats to the highest position, then put them back in the oil tank, its a clean deal that way.
    Carbs only need capped. I would rebuild them however due to the age/hrs on them.
    If it was my crank, I would clean it and reuse it, especially since you don't have the engine apart for a failure of a piston or another mechanical problem. A new factory one is around $700.

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    Thanks for your input. I will do what you suggest with the oil tank as it seems much easier than trying to remove it and restrap the gas tank. The carbs were actually rebuilt and jetted by IR last season so I think I'm good there.

    So basically if everything seems fine with the crank than just clean it and reuse it? I just want to make sure this isn't a big no no. Thanks again

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    anyone else? I need all the info/help i can get.

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