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    Polaris Virage i runs well...But shuts down when it wants to

    Hi I am new to the Jet Ski world. I am looking at a 2003 Virage i for $500. . The owner had it on the water last season. He said it runs great when it runs. It runs for a random amount of time (5 min. or 5 hrs.) and then it just shuts off. It restarts right after it shuts off without any problem and repeats the process. He thinks it might need a computer. But I want to believe it is something simpler. Any kind of imput on where to start looking would greatly be appreciated... Thanks ahead of time
    Also please keep in mind I am not familiar with all of the acronyms involved with these machines..

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    Possibly the start/stop module (about $100), but most likely the EMM (computer) needs a rebuild.

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    I would lean more toward the LR-503 start/stop module if it will run in random intervals without issue up to 5 hours. To be sure we would have to check out a few things to eliminate some other possible causes. Cheers.

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    Is it possible to bypass the start stop module to run it and see if it will shut down or not??

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    Here's a link showing how to bypass the start stop module.


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