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    Upgrading '03 gp 1300r

    I am sure this topic has been brought up time and time again but as summer is just around the corner, I want to try to find the best bang for my buck when it comes to adding a few upgrades to my '03 gp 1300r. I have looked at the Riva stage 1 kit that they offer for that ski and I have no problem spending that kind of money, but I have heard that in reality that kit has a few items that really don't have much purpose. If anyone has any experience with that kit please let me know if it is worth the money. If I decide not to go with the complete kit wat package of my own could I throw together? My ski is stock other than the d plate and the cat sensor chip. I was thinking of going with a ride plate, intake grate, pump seal kit, 87mm nozzle an impeller , and the wave eater power valve clips just as a precaution. Please let me know what brand will provide the best results when it comes to these upgrades. Also, what specific parts should I go for as far as impeller pitch or specific intake grate. Any input you have that can help me get the best bang for my buck when it comes to upgrades would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, John

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