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    Unhappy 2005 RXT Driving me nuts!!!!!!

    In 2010 I bought a seadoo RXT not knowing the ceramic washers from the supercharger were inside the engine causing massive amounts of damage, well complete damage really, I have bought a new block, head, pistons well everything really except a few items like intercooler etc, Just ran it in this week and noticed i'm getting water in the oil creamy water,so I came to this site and came across a tread saying to check the intercooler for air bubbles, my nightmare continues bubbles were coming from the intercooler, my question is would it be better to replace the intercooler with the OEM cooler or someting else as I have got to spend $650 anyway.

    cheers people.

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    I would just spend the money to get a aftermarket intercooler. Fizzle sells a great kit that you can purchase from the online store.

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