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    Virage hour meter

    When I put my ski to bed last fall it only had 42 hrs on it. When I hooked the battery back up this weekend an fired it up the display says 526 hrs. Wtf? There goes any resale value. Either one of my buddies was sneaking it out this winter or something glitched. Can anything be done?

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    That seems kind of common on those displays. Best way to prevent that I'd to pull the plug on the display while connecting the battery. They can't be reset. I never trust the hours on the display on any Polaris ski. The earlier mfds would reset to zero when connecting a battery. The virage displays always seem to give a number in the 550s when that happens.

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    It's a known fault. Not much you can do to get it back to what it was unfortunately.......
    Read this:

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