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    1996 seadoo xp carb questions

    Working on my XP 800 rebuilding the carbs.I pulled out the old grommets out of the "pulse pump section" "body pump assembly" 270-500-269
    Now the kit comes with the new ones but getting them back in has turned into a total nightmare. I'm using a small allen key to push them through but now they have torn "poked right through them" and it keeps happening.

    So here are my questions...

    Can i just order new grommets from Mikuni or do i have to order a new kit???

    Also is there a special tool you guys are using? Maybe the kit I got the rubber is old or soemthing cause its very stong.

    Here's a video below

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    I just did mine last night.
    To get the rubber through the plastic valve, i just grabbed the edges of the plastic, and worked the rubber through.

    Then to get them into the plate, i just pushed them in with the HANDLE of a small screw driver.

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    At the point where you push the rubber up with the screwdriver handle(mounted in vise to free hands), I can grab it with a small/tight pair of needle nose and pull it the rest of the way through. Did you poke through more than two of them? You could use the old grommets with the new clear plastic circles right?

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    do the old spit and twist. It is a bit frustrating at first. Some folks use a small ball end hex key as a helper

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