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    Daytona fuel pump problem

    well my Daytona I think has a fuel issue. I put a new fuel filter on, the fuel lines are clear but my plugs are dry. I just did a complete rebuild on the carbs and the fuel pump. When I pulled the line off the fuel pump I am not getting any suction..could this be a compression issue? what exactly makes the fuel pump baffles operate, I am assuming its a vacuum off of the cylinders? I cant imagine what else would not be drawing fuel....please help...ready to trash this thing

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    Your fuel pump operates off the pulsating action taking place in the crankcase area caused by the up and down of the pistons. This "Pulse" causes the diaphragm to have a positive pressure one way...and a negative pressure the other direction. Also note these little 2 cylinder Suzuki monsters can be a trick to prime. A pint of 50:1 premix is a handy thing to get that finicky fuel pump to prime. If that's not it beg, borrow or invest in a good Mityvac. When I say "good" I mean not their entry level unit that ONLY pulls a vacuum. I bought a Silverline Mityvac. You MUST HAVE the push as well as the pull all while being able to properly gauge these actions. THEN you can prove or disprove the items required to pump the fuel...and do a few other cool things like checking/setting pop off pressure, numerous check valves and pressurizing the crankcase to name just a few. Don't give up. That Daytona of yours can run like raped ape. My 770 always seems to amaze others who have one extra cylinder than me, and does so frequently. Good luck!

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