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    Polaris Genesis 2001 Jetski - 3 cylinder - carbureator

    I have located the part # for electrical ignition box w/cdi that fit 2001 Polaris 1200, carburator model; 4010543. Has anyone got a good used 1, or a new 1 please let me know. Thanks

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    See my response to your other thread. I just went through the same thing with my pro 1200. I ended up buying the 1050 update kit. It works just fine. The kit with CDI and stator costs what just a new CDI would cost.

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    and the stator is useful or does it not fit your 1200? The CDI works for you? Do you notice any change in power?
    It seems like the 1200 CDIs are getting scarce and if your solution works it would keep some of our boats running a little longer. I am getting a little worried that my Genesis will be costing me a whole lot of money next time I need some ignition parts.

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