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    1997 GTX. Stator issues HELP PLEASE

    hello. I have a 1997 GTX that is having problems draining the batt and grounding out. I put a brand new battery in. When you go to hook up the ground wire with the positive hooked up it arcs a small ark like something is grounding. If i unplug the stator wire in front of the engine, it doesnt arc. what does this mean stator is grounded??

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    p.s. lady said it was blowing fuse. its not doing it for me.

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    there is always a small draw from the mpem. If you are working on electrics, do invest in a quality digital voltmeter...otherwise just get out your blindfold and you billfold if you plan on fixing this witnout one. Typical draw is 100 ma more with the key on post. Likely suspect is the regulator a bad one can leak current to the ground. Check for grounding between stator coils.

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