Ok...So i ve been reading several different"older"threads on various sights regarding jetting/needle & seat/pop off pressure etc..for my 98 ZXI 1100-

I purchased 97 ZXI 1100 "NON"cv carbs for my project..i cleaned the carbs up,new rebuild kit for each(oem)with (oem)accelerator pump..I installed the jet sizes i wanted,now for the pop off pressure-Everybody who did mods & tuned the carbs on

the forums ive read says 15-20psi on the pop off is perfect for the 1100..2.0 needle/seat etc.. Well i took the seats & drilled them to 2.0 since replacing them would be an extra $60-210 depending on wich route i went..I ve cut springs measured

etc..cant get below 35 on the pop off(testing pop off while wet with fuel)..also seems to change,one time it can be 35-next time 40,maybe 27 the next..tried 3 gauges,same thing..Does Kehin actually have different Needle sizes to go with the

larger seat or are all needles the same? Perhaps i have caused myself a problem by drilling the seats instead of purchasing the size i want but-why not try "The needle/seat size in the rebuild kit was 1.6"

Any ideas,opinions,please post up!